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Getting started with Altium Designer
What is a project in Altium Designer
Create a project and adding documents
How to create a schematic symbol in Altium Designer
How to wire a schematic in Altium Designer
Resolve ERC errors
How to create a PCB footprint in Altium Designer
Setting PCB footprints
keeping schematic and PCB synchronized in Altium Designer
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Routing the PCB
How to change the shape of PCB in Altium Designer
Layer stack and drill pairs

Getting Started with Altium Designer

In this article we are going to  draw a simple inverting op-amplifier with dual power supply to introduce the reader to the fundamental tools used in the Altium Designer suite.

Let’s begin creating a new schematic:

 a new blank sheet pops up


 on the top toolbar we find the icon to place part

The place part window appears

Click on the button “…” to open the Browse Libraries window

moving throughout the first list we can select a library

Once selected the library we can easily choose a library’s component