FM Modulator and Demodulator with PLL CD4046

4 Credits



SPICE simulation of the Cascade of CD4046 in modulator and demodulator configuration. Selection of components to set the lock field and the capture field.

  • : For-Credits
  • : Intermediate
  • : 11-20
  • : PSpice
  • : 9.2+
  • : Yes

4 reviews for FM Modulator and Demodulator with PLL CD4046

  1. Knowledgeisgold

    I’m interested in this project. I see you used PSPICE to make the simulation. Will it be compatible with LTSPICE ? Need an urgent response. Thank you and have a nice day !

  2. Cribald

    Hi Knowledgeisgold, No this project isn’t compatible with LTspice.It requires the 9.2 PSPice full version and later.Sorry.Cheers

  3. Knowledgeisgold

    could it work with PSpice 9.1 student version ? I’m having troulbe using PSpice due to the curent OS !

  4. Cribald

    No, because the student version is 64 nodes limited.

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