LCD Display Driver with a PIC 16F84A

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Simulation of a PIC16F84A that controls a scrolling “welcome” text on a LCD diplay.The text shifts from left to right and vice versa until the MCLR pin is grounded.

  • : Free
  • : Simple
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  • : NI-Multisim
  • : 11+
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4 reviews for LCD Display Driver with a PIC 16F84A

  1. AinaaAdilah

    can i see this circuit simulation through the nimultisim?

  2. 4soBRutk12

    hi AinaaAdilah,Sure, you can download a trial version of NI Multisim here

  3. AinaaAdilah

    4soBRutk12….. but i can see the circuit clearly to rebuilt it in multisim

  4. 4soBRutk12

    yes, once you have downloaded and installed the trial version of ni multisim, you just have to open the project, you can see it clearly, run simulation and see the assembler source code

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