BCD to 7 segment Display Decoder

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SPICE simulation of a BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) codes with 4 bits ten patterns that represents digits from 0 to 9, (0000 to 1001).The decoder takes as input the 4 bits and switches on or off the seven leds or segments of the display, coding the right digit.The segment are active when the input voltage to the segment is low.

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  • : Intermediate
  • : 31-50
  • : Altium-Designer
  • : summer09+
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2 reviews for BCD to 7 segment Display Decoder

  1. MounikaKare

    What is the file format in which I can view this downloaded file?

  2. Faman2012

    Hi MounikaKare,it’s written on the left column, Altium Designer software.

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