Transistors BJT JFET MOSFET as amplifiers and switches

10 Credits



Ic-Vce characteristic of BJT, Id-Vgs characteristic of JFET.BJT and JFET as switches.Biasing BJT with 2 resistors, 3 resistors, feedback resistor, 4 resistors.Single stage BJT common base, common emitter, common collector, common emitter with emitter capacitor.Multistage BJT common emitter, multistage BJT common emitter with emitter capacitor.Biasing N-channel JFET, biasing P-channel JFET, single stage JFET common source, single stage JFET common source with source capacitor.Biasing enhancement MOSFET N-channel with 4 resistors and with feedback resistor.Biasing depletion mode MOSFET N-channel with 4 resistors.

  • : For-Credits
  • : Intermediate
  • : >100
  • : PSpice
  • : 9.1+
  • : No
  • : If running simulation you get undefined error message, go to menu PSpice/Edit Simulation Profile, Configuration Files TAB, Category: library, and add to design libraries .lib embedded in files project. Pay attention: in a multiple design, to switch between projects, on FILE tab go to PSpice Resources, Simulation Profiles, click on the project, dx mouse button and select "make active".


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