Full Course in Designing Three Stages Audio Power Amplifiers

69 Credits


A full course using PSpice as SPICE simulator for a practical and easy way to learn 3-stage audio power amplifiers design with theory and SPICE simulation analysis. You ‘ll learn to calculate and size components of a basic three stage power amplifier. The sources current circuits of the first stage, study the effects of a feedback signal application, the mirroring of the first stage currents, design of a typical dual rail power supply for a fixed power, features of enhanced output stages with a current limiter, a zobel network filter, Nyquist Criterion to validate the stability of the amplifier with a feedback applied. The course explains how to implement frequency compensation with one or two dominant poles with compensation capacitors, design of top quality BJT 100W quasi complementary class B, 100W complementary class B, 140W class B, 40W class A.


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