How to connect components in Proteus: Wiring up Components

Connection between two objects: Line automatic path function (Wire Auto – Router or WAR)


left-click the first object connection point . if you want that ISIS automatically gives away the line path, simply left click on another connection point.

On the other hand , if you want to decide the alignment path , simply click the left mouse button at the desired point you wish a corner.

The wire automatic path function eliminates the need for you to draw each specific path wire. This feature is enabled by default , but that feature can be disabled in two ways. If you just left click on the two connection points , WAR will select a suitable path, but if you point a connection point , then one or several non-connected point position , ISIS will think that you are in the manual alignment path , the line will allow you to click on each corner of the path . left-clicking another connection point to complete. The other way to skip the WAR mode is by using the Tools menu in the WAR command to disable it .

This is very useful when you want to set directly between two connection points for example in the case of a diagonal path.

Repeat wiring (Wire Repeat)

Suppose you want to connect an 8-byte ROM data bus to the main data bus circuit, we have the ROM, and the bus as the one placed in the picture below.

First, left-click A, and then left-click B, draw a horizontal line between the A and B . Double-click the C, and the repeat wiring function is activated, the wiring between C and D is done automatically . Double-click the E, and it will be wired with F. The repeat wiring function copies a complete line path. If the auto-repeat function is on, It allows you to connect different wires or pins to the bus, simply connecting the first and following each pin with a double click, the connection will be carried out automatically.

Drag line (Dragging Wires)

There are some special methods that can be used to wiring two components. If you place the mouse pointer everywhere between the ends of the wire, there will be a corner and you can drag the corner of the line. Note: in order to work, the cable connected to the object can not have a label , otherwise ISIS will think you want to drag the object .

Move segment or segments group  (To move a wire segment or a group of segments)

suppose you want to move and drag a selection window as if it were a single line segment: left-click “Move” icon ( in the toolbox ) ,

left-click to choose the final position of the block. If the if the new wiring is not satisfactory  , you can always use the Undo command.

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