Getting Started with PyOPUS

PyOPUS is a Python based platform for very sophisticated circuit optimization and simulation automation. The use of the Python library with the simulator requires a previous SPICE OPUS installation, then refer to the relative tutorial before proceeding. Below we show how to install PyOPUS on windows 7 (64 bit). All the softwares are 32-bit but they work fine on 64-bit. We’ ll have to install the following softwares:

Python 2.6.4Programming language
NumPy 1.3.0Package for scientific computing with Python
SciPy 0.7.1Python software for mathematics, science, and engineering
MatPlotLib 0.99.1Python 2D plotting library
wxPython 2.8Blending of the wxWidgets C++ class library with Python
PyOPUS 0.6 installerthe Windows32 PyOPUS installer

All these softwares can be downloaded here

The article refers to the softare versions of the table, but the procedure is the same for the updated versions.

Let’s start with the Python installation

the default destination directory is C:Python26

the full features installation requires about 50MegaByte

after the installation we have to add an enviroment variable: Start/Control Panel/System and Security/System/Advanced system settings, now click on Enviroment Variables button.

add to “Path” variable the value “C:Python26”

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