Getting Started with Proteus ARES PCB

Now let’s start to place the components. we’ll use the tool for the automatic placing for all components except for the connector J1. we’ll place the serial connector J1 manually. Select the component list J1, put it manually on the side of the board as in the following image:



Place the other components. This time we want to use the tool to automatically place all the components, the icon of the tool is the one shown below:

the following dialog box pops up, we don’t modify any settings, click OK

we obtain


Now we place the components neatly, and we get:


Here we begin to wire the components, look at the icon in the image

Click on it to open the following dialog window

Click the Set Strategies button, set the routing stategy (rules) , open the dialog box shown in the figure below , we select the SIGNAL strategy, single layer width T30

the Automatic routing result:


as next step, we adjust manually the wire, and add four positioning holes. To manually adjust the wire will need to click the following icon so that the wire can be modified:

Once modified, remember to switch to the layer you want to edit by switching the list layer at the bottom of the main window. These are the effects after slight modifications:


Now let’s add four pads , click the icon below

In the list select the appropriate choose circumference pad

This is the final result


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