Getting Started with Altium Designer

Once wired all the circuit we get this

On the top toolbar click on the “Place Net Label” icon and label the INPUT and OUTPUT points in the circuit

Compiling a project checks for drafting and electrical rules errors in the design documents

By selecting “View, Toolbars, Mixed Sim” we can display the Mixed Sim Toolbar on the layout

Now let’s size the amplitude of sinusoidal source voltage setting to 0.1V and its frequency; right click on VSIN component, select “Properties…”, Models for V1-VSIN, “Edit…” button, Parameters Tab:

Click on “Setup Mixed-Signal Simulation” icon

On the “General Setup” select the points labeled as INPUT and OUTPUT

Set Transient Analysis Parameters and run the simulation


Below the graphical result of the transient simulation


Similarly set the “AC Small Size Analysis” and run the simulation


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