Public info about the author: TINADesigner

  • SPICE simulation of a ADC converter with maximum sample rate of 2 MSPS and acquisition time of 80 ns. With the sampling rate at 1MSPS, the acquisition time increases to 587.07ns.

  • the LMH6523, contains 4 digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers (DVGA). This device is typically used where automatic gain control (AGC) is required to increase system dynamic range.

  • SPICE simulation of XTR300, an output driver for industrial applications as PLC output programmable drivers. The output can be configured as current or voltage by the I/V pin.Two external components are required: a gain-setting resistor and a loop compensation capacitor.

  • SPICE simulation with transient and average models of the TPS65320-Q1. This is a high voltage switch-mode asynchronous buck power supply with a low dropout voltage regulator (LDO). The switching frequency varies between 100 kHz to 2.5 MHz, the Input voltage from 3.6V to 40V. In this simulation the output is 5V and the load current reaches 3.2 Ampere.

  • SPICE simulation of average and transient model of the UCC3895, a phase-shift PWM controller that implements control of a full-bridge power stage by phase shifting the switching of one half-bridge with respect to the other. It allows constant frequency PWM in conjunction with resonant zero-voltage switching to provide high efficiency at high frequencies. The input voltage is 50V and the output voltage is 3.3V. The transient SPICE simulation takes about 25 mins on a 4 core 2.8GHz machine.