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  • SPICE simulation of PWM motor controller. The anologic to digital converter channels of microcontroller are used to measure the input signal and generate the PWM drive signals. A darlington bridge allows the motor to be driven in either direction.

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    • clockwise spin anticlockwise spin pwm drive waveforms against the full range of input voltages
  • SPICE simulation of a bipolar stepper motor. The circuit implements a controller for a bipolar stepper motor, with an IC controller L297 that generates four phase drive signals for two phase bipolar motor. It requires only clock, direction and mode input signals. The stepping motor is directly driven by an L298 high voltage, high current dual full bridge driver designed to accept TTL logic levels.

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    • half speed clockwise rotation full speed clockwise rotation half speed anticlockwise rotation full speed anticlockwise rotation
  • SPICE simulated project of a PICDEM 2 PLUS demonstration board from Microchip. This board demonstrates the capabilities of the 18, 28 and 40 pin PIC 16 and PIC 18 microcontrollers. With the loaded program, four components are individually displayed on the LCD selecting the device mode by pressing RA4 button. It uses an A/D module to measure and display a voltage between 0V and 5V. A piezo buzzer can be turned on and its frequency and duty cycle can be changed when the buzzer is on, pressing the RB0 button. A digital serial thermal sensor TC74 measures the ambient temperature in celsius and display it on the LCD when the temperature mode is selected. At last, selecting clock mode, a real time clock will start from 00:00:00. RA4 button is pressed to set the digit to change and RB0 is used to increment hours or minutes.

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    • double click on PIC model and load cof file press RA4 button to select device Press RB0 to activate device and set changes temperature sensor selected voltmeter selected PCB picdem2 plus 3dview picdemo2 plus
  • A DSPIC33FJ12GP201 microcontroller reads data from a pressure sensor MPX4115 and gets the pressure value from ADC, gets the measures of humidity and temperature from a digital sensor SHT15 and records data until is reached the max size of the eeprom. The memory used is a ferroelectric non volatile FM24CL64

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    • schematic of the analog circuitry PCB of data recorder 3D view of data recorder
  • SPICE simulation of a K Type Thermocouple. The MAX6675 is a thermocouple-to-digital converter with a built-in 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from a type-K thermocouple that senses a difference in temperature between two ends of the thermocouple wires. The thermocouple‘s hot junction can be read from 0°C to +1023.75°C.The cold end, on which the MAX6675 is, can range from -20°C to +85°C. The microcontroller does a conversion every 450ms and shows the readings on a 7 seg display through 4 four-output CMOS buffers TC4468.

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    • thermo 3d view PCB thermo