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  • SPICE simulation of a shock sensor amplifier (accelerometer) implemented with a LTC6081. A capacitive piezoelectric element provides a charge under physical acceleration. The charge is converted to a voltage and filtered by the high impedance of the operational amplifier. The gain is 100, the bandwidth about 2.2khz and the output generates 109mV per g of acceleration.

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    • 2.2 khz bandwidth
  • The LTC4226 allows two power paths to be safely inserted and removed into live backplane. It can also be used as a bidirectional current limiter.

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    • LTC4226-2 automatically retries after a 0.5s delay
  • SPICE simulation of an ultra fast comparator LT1116 with falling-edge and rising-edge of 12ns.The comparator can operate either a single +5V or dual ±5V supplies.

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    • output and complementary output input and output transition
  • The LTC4225 works as two ideal diodes. It’s useful to replace two high power Schottky diodes and the associated heat sinks, in addition, the hot swap control MOSFETs allow boards to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane by limiting inrush current in Micro Telecommunications Computing Architechture applications.

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    • short circuit modeling
  • The LTC3774 is a dual output buck converter that enhances the signal-to-noise ratio and can operate with a small sense signal of a very low value inductor DCR to improve power efficiency, and reduce jitter due to the switching noise. The circuit uses two high frequency gate driver LTC4449, designed to drive two N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous DC/DC converter. In this SPICE simulation the input voltage is 12V and the two supplies are 1.5V 30 ampere and 1.2V 30 ampere.

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    • output voltages transient output currents transient