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  • In this SPICE simulation, the MC33341 is configured as a source load low-side current sensing regulator, where the current is sensed in the ground return path of the power connection to the load. The regulator is designed for a 10V output voltage at 1 Ampere.

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    • Vout vs Iout
  • SPICE simulation of NCP1570, low voltage buck controller. The device is powered from 12V. It uses two external mosfet transistors MTD3302 producing an output of 1.18V over a wide current range.

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    • transient overview gates voltages 1.18V on 0.12 Ohm
  • SPICE simulation of CS5307 buck converter. The controller has four integrated gate drivers for driving the four phases. The input is 12 V , the voltage output 1.5 V and provides 80 Ampere on 18.75 mOhm. The working frequency can vary from 200 to 800khz.

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    • transient overview Vout four phases voltage gates
  • SPICE simulation of the CS5322, two-phase buck controller for powering high perfomance and high current power supplies. The low input current and output voltage ripple allow a reduction in inductor value and increase the inductor current slew rate. 5V to 1.6V. The operation frequency can be set by a resistor from 200 khz to 800 khz.

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    • transient overview output two phases
  • in this SPICE simulation the CS5301 is a three-phase buck controller that drives 6 N-channel power MOSFET MTD3302. It incorporates a 5 bit DAC with 1% tolerance. Vin is 12V and the single output 1.7V. The operation frequency can vary from 200 khz to 800 khz.

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    • global view transient analysis gates voltages transient output voltage