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  • Digital calendar with microcontroller AT89C51,
    3 control buttons, display LM016L.

  • SPICE simulation of a digital ohmmeter with Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller measures the resistance value in kohm, and can switch for measuring the resistance in kohms with ohms resolution.

    • measurement of resistance in kohm with ohm resolution switch to integer kohm
  • SPICE simulation of an ADC. The ADC0832 converter reads a voltage as analogic data and converts it in a digital data. this data is provided to a microcontroller AT89C51 that shows the reading on a display 16×2.

    • C code
  • SPICE simulation of an ADC .The voltage ranges from 0 to 5V is the input of an analog to digital converter ADC0808. The digital output of converter interfaces a microcontroller 80C51 that shows the measurement on a 7 segment four digit cathode display.

    • SPICE simulation of a microcontroller system that allows us to set a temperature value that must not be exceeded. The AT89C51 is interfaced with a digital thermometer DS18B20 and a serial EEPROM 24C02C. When the temperature exceeds the set value, the microcontroller activates a motor through a relay and an optocoupler NPN. When the temperature falls below the set value, the motor stops.

      • push the first button to set the watch  and the temperature set the temperature to 40C push the ON OFF button when the temperature to be controlled exceeds the set value the motor start to rotate when the temperature to be controlled falls below the set value the motor stops