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With a deep fascination for understanding electronics, I have been using ltspice to simulate circuits in pursuit of more insight and experience
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    practicing with KiCAD, utilizing FreeCAD to assemble 3D parts, freerouting to autotrace, and custom .models in ngspice to simulate

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    • this is more a demo of the tools ability, doesn't have proper connectors or trace widths, etc.. but its a start

  • subcircuit_potentiometer

    A custom built potentiometer

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    • made a custom symbol associated with a subcircuit model to virtually adjust a variable resistor placed on a main schematic

  • astable_multivibrator

    Square wave created from a DC voltage source

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    • This circuit looks at the characteristics of charging capacitors at the gate of 2 transistors connected at the collectors by a DC voltage source

  • FFT_low-pass-filter

    Using a single capacitor to remove higher frequencies from a circuit

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    • Experimentation with transient analysis, AC analysis, and the FFT power spectrum

  • battery

    Simulating the characteristics of a real world battery

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    • a model of a CR2032 battery cell