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  • Power tube amplifier with feedback applied. In the input stage are used the tubes 7199P and 7199T. The driver stage consists of two 6SN7, whereas in the final stage are used a couple of 6L6GC. More accurate results can be obtained replacing the generic center tap spice model transformer with the specific spice model of the chosen transformer.

  • the fixed frequency current-mode PWM controller UC3842 implements a DC-DC converter in boost configuration.

  • SPICE simulation of a self oscillating flyback converter. This converter, also referred to as the ringing choke converter, is a low component-count circuit used in low power off-line application, since the control of the circuit can be implemented with a few discrete components without integrated control employed on conventional PWM flyback converter. The implementation of the control is done with a single transistor,a positive feedback winding and a resistor divider network.

  • SPICE simulation of a circuit used in X-Ray astronomy detection, it ‘s an operational amplifier peak detector implemented with three 741, two fast switching diodes 1N914 and a BJT 2N2222.

  • 8 channels mixer implemented with low noise, audio, high speed and precision operational amplifiers as the LM833, TL071, OP27C, the ultralow THD integrated audio preamplifier SSM2017P and the led driver LM3915.