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Company SPICE Devices libraries
logo_adi Search engine for SPICE simulation models
avx_logo Tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors PSpice models
cirrus_logic_logo Power operational amplifiers, PWM amplifiers and voltage references
coilcraft_logo RF inductors, Power inductors, wideband Transformers SPICE model files
logodiodes BJTs, Power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, Diodes, Power Mosfets
duncan Tubes amplifier SPICE models, transformers, BJT, JFET, Diodes
fairchild_logo2_0 Power Mosfets, JFETs, BJTs, Diodes
irf_logo Power Mosfets, Rectifiers, IGBTs, Hexfreds, Schottky diodes
lineartechnology Op-amps, Instrumentation Amps, Switchin regulators SPICE models
MaximLogo Op-amps, LED drivers SPICE models
microchip_logo Op-amps , comparators, SPICE models
apex High voltage Power Amplifier SPICE models
normankoren Tubes amplifier SPICE models
nxp.logo_2399415172825729728 Logics, Discretes, Analog, Standard Microcontrollers
ON_Semiconductor-logo Analog, Logic and Discrete parts SPICE simulation models
polyfetrf RF Power Mosfets SPICE models
Logo_STMicroelectronics Op-amps, timers, RF MOSFET SPICE models
THATlogo2 IC device SPICE macro models
logotexasinst Op-amps, Comparators, Voltage References,Video Mux, Switched Input Integrator, Photodiode, SPICE models
vishay_logo_passive Power MOSFETS, Power ICs, Recitifiers SPICE models

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